10 YouTube Channels You Need To Follow


We present to you some of our favorite YouTube channels

1 – Sexplanations

If your sex ed classes sucked or just didn’t exist at all, if you need tips or information to make your sex life better, or if you’re just curious about how your body works. Just go and ask a question to the lovely Lindsey Doe, a Clinical Sexologist trying to educate people honestly and openly one video at a time.

2 – Marina Shut Up

“Welcome to Feminist Fridays: a series where we explore the social, the political and the media from a feminist an intersectional perspective… and use a lot of F words.” …and that’s pretty much all you need to know!

3 – GirlfriendsTV

A place to explore and express sexuality and gender identity, while learning about the LGBTQA+ community and having lots of fun!


4 – Stuff Mom Never Told You

In Cristen’s words “Cristen gets down to the business of being a woman”, from consent to armpit hair, Cristen will answer a lot of questions you’ve probably had, and even some you never had thought about.

5 – Jeffrey Marsh

The most loving channel you’ll ever see, you can literally feel the love coming out of the screen and every video is incredibly good at making you feel encouraged to just be yourself. And you’ll probably end up wishing you could be BFF with the lovely Jeffrey.

You can also, follow them on Vine, for daily doses of positivity in your life!

6 – Kat Blaque

This absolutely gorgeous trans woman will make you understand tons of issues, and it you’re like us, she will specially make you evaluate your privilege and will help you learn how to be a good ally.

7 – Chesca Leigh

Troubles understanding racism? Just go and watch the amazing videos of chesca, she also collaborates with MTV on a web series called Decoded, which airs a new episode every Wednesday and you can follow via MTV News

8 – Adventures In Gay

This amazing guy, best known as Hat talks about his experience as a gay man and he’ll make you have lots of fun while doing so.

9 – Carlin Ross

Nothing better than their own words to explain it: “Answering your sex questions… all of them.” Plus, it’s nice, interesting and pretty needed to have some older female youtubers around, what’s not to like?

10 – Justin Dennis

Anything from goofiness to social justice is to be found in this channel, and we simply love it!

We know there’s more amazing people on YouTube, please let us know who are your favorites, we’d love to know!

Video: Hand Polish

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