A love letter to my stretch marks


Stretchmarks by Kit Wagstaff

stretch marks

sometimes i stand naked

my hands tremble and

i gently touch myself

my empty body is covered in flecks of sun.


i look in mirrors and they show my reflection

broken and cracked

silver scars line my legs and breasts

i have lived with and loved in and hated and loved these

lightning strikes etched into my flesh.

but now, sometimes,

i glitter in the light

liquid white-gold fills my pores and

i’d become beautiful again

(as if i hadn’t been beautiful before…)

my skin shines

and i glow


i learn to love the scars and the spots that show how i have grown.

i am full of worth and beauty

and now i can see my body for what it is:

(i am flawed but that only makes me more beautiful)


i am filled with dazzling starlight

and it is bursting out.



Kit Wagstaff