10 YouTube Channels You Need To Follow


We present to you some of our favorite YouTube channels

1 – Sexplanations

If your sex ed classes sucked or just didn’t exist at all, if you need tips or information to make your sex life better, or if you’re just curious about how your body works. Just go and ask a question to the lovely Lindsey Doe, a Clinical Sexologist trying to educate people honestly and openly one video at a time.

2 – Marina Shut Up

“Welcome to Feminist Fridays: a series where we explore the social, the political and the media from a feminist an intersectional perspective… and use a lot of F words.” …and that’s pretty much all you need to know!

3 – GirlfriendsTV

A place to explore and express sexuality and gender identity, while learning about the LGBTQA+ community and having lots of fun!


4 – Stuff Mom Never Told You

In Cristen’s words “Cristen gets down to the business of being a woman”, from consent to armpit hair, Cristen will answer a lot of questions you’ve probably had, and even some you never had thought about.

5 – Jeffrey Marsh

The most loving channel you’ll ever see, you can literally feel the love coming out of the screen and every video is incredibly good at making you feel encouraged to just be yourself. And you’ll probably end up wishing you could be BFF with the lovely Jeffrey.

You can also, follow them on Vine, for daily doses of positivity in your life!

6 – Kat Blaque

This absolutely gorgeous trans woman will make you understand tons of issues, and it you’re like us, she will specially make you evaluate your privilege and will help you learn how to be a good ally.

7 – Chesca Leigh

Troubles understanding racism? Just go and watch the amazing videos of chesca, she also collaborates with MTV on a web series called Decoded, which airs a new episode every Wednesday and you can follow via MTV News

8 – Adventures In Gay

This amazing guy, best known as Hat talks about his experience as a gay man and he’ll make you have lots of fun while doing so.

9 – Carlin Ross

Nothing better than their own words to explain it: “Answering your sex questions… all of them.” Plus, it’s nice, interesting and pretty needed to have some older female youtubers around, what’s not to like?

10 – Justin Dennis

Anything from goofiness to social justice is to be found in this channel, and we simply love it!

We know there’s more amazing people on YouTube, please let us know who are your favorites, we’d love to know!

Your Gender is Valid

uniby Esperanza M

How you feel and how you choose to define and present yourself is valid. Do whatever you feel happy and comfortable doing. And if you don’t feel like labeling yourself or defining yourself, that’s valid as well. If you’re still figuring out what you are, that’s also valid, you’ll figure it out eventually, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just be yourself.


It’s Okay to be Girly


by Esperanza M

I often hear people saying some women aren’t good examples of strong women because they’re really shy, feminine and sensitive. And I just felt like I had to say this to all my cute feminine girls out there:

We live in a world where feminine things are valued less than masculine things, and even if we’re not completely aware of it, we notice it in some level and we learn it. We’re expected to be lady like, and at the same time we’re belittled when we act girly. Shy and sensitive women are perceived as weak. At some point we even start thinking girly women are somehow oppressed or aren’t strong, and in reality, it has nothing to do with it. You can be girly if you want to be, and that doesn’t make you less smart, less strong or less deserving of respect.

Stop Girl Hate


by Esperanza M.

Five times a week I sit in classrooms where the majority of people are girls.

Five times a week I sit in classrooms where girls hate other girls.

And twice a week I spend two hours in a classroom where things are particularly bad.

Twice a week I have to be in a classroom where things are worse than in any other I’ve seen.

And I can’t help but feel angry and uncomfortable.

Twice a week I spend two hours hearing comments about some girl who is a slut,

About some girl who didn’t lose weight for her wedding day,

About some girl who has the ugliest clothes,

About some girl who tries too much,

And another one who doesn’t try enough.

Someone told me lately:

“Sometimes other women are a bigger problem than the patriarchy”

And I think they don’t realize.

We women can be part of the patriarchy too.

And I think the first step to fix this is:

Love and respect other girls.

We are made of the same.

Just stop the hate.

Stop Pretending


 by Esperanza M

Stop pretending girls are ethereal beings instead of humans.

Stop feeling grossed out by nature.

Stop with your ridiculous expectations.

We have body hair, stretch marks, scars and birth marks.

We have biological functions and needs,

Blood pours out of ourselves once a month for days.

We are humans.

We are living beings.

Our bodies do what they’re supposed to do.

Get used to it.


A girl’s best friend


by Esperanza M.

I have always had a huge crush on Marilyn Monroe. However, for most of my life, all I knew about her was she was beautiful, sexy and charming. That’s pretty much what everyone knows about her, right? She is mostly remembered for being a sex icon,  a “dumb blonde,” and basically the perfect woman—the kind of woman a man would love to have.

The truth is that she truly was that image of the perfect woman, not because of her looks, but rather because of what she stood for. She was one of the first people to speak openly about sexual abuse, she supported gay people and people of color, as well as donating money and time to charities, hospitals and orphanages.

Another important thing to mention is the fact that she refused to be what people wanted her to be, what people thought she was: a beautiful little fool. She didn’t conform, she never accepted to date people for publicity, she demanded to be treated with respect and to be paid as much as she deserved. She was educated and intelligent. Even while being a sex symbol, she still was her own person. She encourage sexual liberation, even if the whole world saw her as a sexual object whose purpose was to pleasure the male gaze.

I recently learned this about her and I think  she was, and still is, a  great role model. And a great feminist icon who is frequently belittled. She was way more than a pretty face—everyone is more than that, don’t forget it.