#LWB is an Honest Look at Everyday Life as a Young Black Woman

Brittany Boyd, writer and producer, believes in “art that promotes equity,” which is why her YouTube serious, #LWB (Living While Black) centers a young Black woman dealing with an onslaught of microaggression in nearly every space she occupies.

Brittany Boyd

These small slights are ones rarely addressed by a main character on screen. Nia, the main character in #LWB, navigates her job, her home life, and her mental health all while being racially targeted by well-intentioned people. Centering a Black woman’s experience offers equity and autonomy to a perspective that needs to be witnessed. This series is an honest look at life from the point of view of a woman living while Black, which Boyd hopes will begin “honest conversation that brings honest change.”

Still from #LWB

#LWB, which debuted in 2017, still resonates the importance of racial discussion and delivers it right to your computer screen and streaming device. Within 7 episodes, #LWB addresses the psychological effects of being Black in America, which have yet to be diminished or reduced by 2020.

Watch #LWB, available now on YouTube, to see the ways even small biases and misunderstanding can carry heavy weight on the health of Black people, alongside a touch of sarcastic humor.

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