Letter from my future self



I am a femmeboi of great routine, my daily practices include meditation and breathing, altar building, morning affirmations, an active practice with the moon, and other more personal and intuitive practices. As part of my self-care ritual, I write letters from my future self. These letters are written during points of uncertainty, stress and transition. This practice allows me to be reflective in a way that creates distance from current stresses through the projection of time. As someone whose history of trauma and depression often lead to feelings of suicide or self-harm, this act of writing from the future (the vision of looking back) is what gives me hope and allows me to stay tethered to the present. Even though this is purely a speculative act, it has given me a means to process anxieties and work towards manifesting the future I’ve created.

This is a strategy and tool that are not exclusive to me, I know other people who use similar processes. Outside of my personal life, I use this act of letter writing in community workshops I facilitate and one-on-one with folks when I’m holding space, providing emotional support & community care. I think what resonates most across the experience of writing from the future, is that it helps us see past the current chaos so we can begin to imagine what it looks like to be on the other side of stress, transition or trauma. Often these letters can become maps, giving us tangible steps to practice in the present which can bring forth the futures we dream for ourselves. Here is an example:

Letter from my future self:


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