Do Not Text your Ex! A Venus Retrograde Playlist

Venus Retrograde is an astronomical/astrological occurrence that happens every 18 months and lasts for 40 days, this retrograde started on March 4th and will end April 15th. During these forty days, Venus looks to be travelin’ in reverse, and her energies effect us differently….For this mix, I thought about the relationship between sonic loops & the loop Venus creates during this 18 month cycle. I titled the mix Do Not Text Your Ex, to signify the way patterns often present themselves through Venus. Retrograde is a time where many of our past lessons about the relationships we have and keep resurface. They come back to ask us to do the deep work of examining how we view our own worth and self love as it relates to how we let others treat us. Do Not Text Your Ex is not just about past lovers or the amorous relationships we keep, it’s a reminder that we let go of some relationships for a sound reason. It’s ok to leave some doors closed.

image by Lora Mathis

Examining the negative loops we get caught in allows us to break free of the harmful patterns we keep and commit to loving ourselves. This mix is curated for those moments during retrograde when you might want to text your ex, hit up that toxic friend who feeds your insecurities, or give into the moodiness and blues that are sure to hit at least once. The arch of the mix weaves together an undertone of self love and pleasure politics with more overt sonic/thematic vibes of romantic love (which run the spectrum from healthy relationships to some of those troubling patterns we need to examine)…

As a person who exists at the intersection of non binary and femmeness…one of those problematic loops I find myself stuck in is that folks conditioned within hegemonic masculinity (read: yt  cishet patriarchy, Capitalism, Eurocentric productions of knowledge, etc) often read me as solely femme, which contours our interactions into those of micromanagement, gaslighting, hopping into my inbox to demand emotional/intellectual labor, and just honestly a series of violence that I’m too exhausted to put up with anymore….I used three tracks in the middle of the mix to juxtapose the way masculine/femme relationships within heteronormativity can sometimes play out. Khalid’s (Location) where the sonic narrative is positioned as a demand for femme labor/the refrain is “send me your location”…Neila’s Digital (slowed) tells the typical femme response that we may or may not have the safety to vocalize, “you all in my digital and I’m not even into you”( read: why are you all up in my shit?)…and the third track DJ Mustard’s remix of  Why’d you call lowkey hits on masculine fragility that often manifests as shaming and gaslighting when their sense of entitlement is disrupted (read: why’d you call, just to play with my heart….) ….I transitioned out of that cycle with a remix of Syd’s Special Affair, who reminds the listener “better act like you know who I am, who I am“. This affirmation for me works to create a new cycle/loop, and is part of the undercurrent of self love tracks that flow through this mix.

original image by Brittany Josephina



Track list:

Kehlani- Everything is Yours
Stimulator Jones – Soon Never Comes (Sofie’s SOSO Tape)
Tall Black Guy- Sade’s Taboo (Sweetest Taboo Blap- up)
Duñe x Crayon- Blue Windo
New Venusians- Keep Running….and Running
Aisa- One Night
Hex Cougar- Sweet Dreams
Siddhartha 432 – Mary J. Blige – Be Happy
Zill Greene- Too Much/ Too Lil //
Claire Reneé- Climax Freestlye (slum village instrumental)
Knowmadic- Tide
Tiffany Gouche- Red Rum Melody
Khalid- Location (CxstleCvstle Remix)
Neila- Digital (slowed)
DJ Mustard- Why’d You Call
Heist- Special Affair remix
Nao- Fool to Love
Sango- She Yells
J Illa- Air Signs
bLAck pARty- Bloom
Childish Gambino- Redbone
Phonte & Eric Robertson – Something
Anderson .Paak- Without You
Oddisee- Right Side of the Bed
Mura Masa- Terrible Love
Nosaj Thing- Realize (Do It Again Kels Edit)
Fatima- La Neta
Lainne La Havas- What You Don’t Do (Tom Misch Remix)
Zap Mama- Sweet Melody
Bry.Zen- Whereyoustayat?
MAIA- nulife



4 thoughts on “Do Not Text your Ex! A Venus Retrograde Playlist”

  1. Oooh I am so digging all of this! Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge in that explanation of this Venus retrograde.

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