Happy 4th Birthday, Rose Water Magazine!

Dear Rose Water readers,

This year has been a blossoming. This year has been a breaking ground, a pulling dirt, a growing root. For our birthday, I usually write a heart-felt thank you to the specific individuals who helped our little magazine continue to bloom. The truth is, we can’t keep on going unless we’re supporting each and every single person who writes for us, creates for us, and reads our work. I’ve asked some of our contributors to write out what they hope for our next year and for the future of feminism. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Thank you all for being a part of this garden of feminism minds. You all inspire me every day.

“I hope to see more people embracing feminism. It affects all of us, so I can’t wait to see others getting involved and demanding true equality — for everyone.” -VHG

“I hope to have more discussions.with people I do & don’t agree with, both to educate myself better on intersectionality and social issues, and to try to inspire people to be more empathetic & open-minded. Let’s all try to give more love, understanding, and support to people who need it!” – LW

“I hope to learn how to care for my mind, body + soul so I can life up and empower my fellow feminists.”

“I hope to broaden my perspective on what feminism looks like on a daily basis, explore how to implement that on a daily basis, and inspire others to do the same. 🙂 ” – NJ

“I hope to have more honest, open, and raw conversations about feminism – and to continue to grow as a women and to fight for my fellow women. Cis, trans, women of color, abled and disabled bodies, women of all shapes and sizes. To give a voice. To give a platform. To give a space. And to share a story for all my fellow women.”

I look forward to the day when all feminist narratives can be heard, without competition – when inclusivity means it’s ok to get it wrong, so long as you’re try to learn. (And perhaps when I feel more confident about this!)”“I hope  to encourage others to make their feminism intersectional! We can’t fix anything if we refuse to include EVERY WOMAN in our spaces, in our advocacy, and in our support. Intersectionality HELPS US ALL! I am for every woman. I am for change, love, freedom, and for our VOICES TO BE HEARD” J-R
“I hope the current political situation unites more people, creating a more intersectional,open feminist society, where everyone is proud to be feminist. I hope to be able to learn even more, be able to have diverse, interesting discussions with all types of people and become a better activist.” – India Rose Kushner“I am looking towards a truly feminist future. One that centers those most oppressed, one that follows the lead of our brown, black & trans sisters, and one that supports learning, listening and growing. If our movement is not intersectional, then we are not doing our jobs as feminists!” – APW

“I hope more voices shout out! I hope more bodies show up! I want to see people recognize their privilege & step out of the box to protect others. I hope we can strengthen our communities. Thank you for reading us.” -IRT

Published by

Rose Water Magazine

Rose Water Magazine is a creative collective where writers, artists, and thinkers educate on intersectional feminism. Feminism helps support all genders, bodies, sexuality, and the human ability to choose and exert their willpower. It's imperative, even for those who don't want to identify as feminist, to understand the importance of a movement dedicated to a broad sense of equality. Rose Water Magazine is hoping that our commentary can trickle down to our readers and community to teach the importance of humanity and social justice.

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