Big Love and Road Trips: A Reevaluation of Where We’ve Been, Are, and Head). 

Good morning my love.

My heart teeters and quakes
with fullness and real,

I’m on overflow it seems,
with what I have to give and receive.
Deceptive is your interpretation
of the world
where I am everything but your girl
and you aren’t ever good enough
to tether me.

I need our love to grow up

into pull ups so that we can reach our Bootstraps even in the most trying disaster.

Yet we remain.


has become our name, and I’m fine with it.

If allowed to roam and build an empire of my own,
and worth.

Me first.

Maybe you.

Then us.

Amani O+

Published by

Amani O+

A radical of the heart and pacifist of the mind, I spend much of my time contemplating the degrees of difference between humans, other animals and non-living things. Committed to changing the world through both overt and subversive techniques I am a writer, farmer, educator, performer and community organizer who uses the tools of artistic expression, urban agriculture and social awareness to impact change and foster a sense of empathy and inter-being in local urban communities. I am committed raising my voice and using the power of art to spark major social change in the Capital Region and the larger world.

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