On Haters in Heaven 

Everytime you rub my name in dirt i celebrate!Dancing.

Feet bear 

Grinned and gritty 
Closer to my Mother and all the parts i am made of. 

Eyes washed of ego and able to self reflect. 

To listen,

and hear your timid. 

Recognize your cast off as a self rejection 

and hold myself closer, 

Divine and Whole and in Love in every direction. 

Bigger than hate 

Stronger than hate 

A hatred-swallowing Devotion. 

Unmoveable and Secure 

in being good and bad all at once.  

Being whole 

Being earth seed 

Being nothing 

Being strange and wonderful 

And bagless. 

Drama left at the door,

dripping down my surface at the entryway to heaven 

“Come in” it is said.

“We are waiting for you.”

-Amani O+ 


Published by

Amani O+

A radical of the heart and pacifist of the mind, I spend much of my time contemplating the degrees of difference between humans, other animals and non-living things. Committed to changing the world through both overt and subversive techniques I am a writer, farmer, educator, performer and community organizer who uses the tools of artistic expression, urban agriculture and social awareness to impact change and foster a sense of empathy and inter-being in local urban communities. I am committed raising my voice and using the power of art to spark major social change in the Capital Region and the larger world.

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