Stay Warm – Free Digital Wallpaper


Happy November! It’s getting chilly, remember to wrap up warm and take care of yourself and the people around you!

The phrase ‘stay woke’ was popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement and I’m using it here in support of that cause. BLM campaigns against institutionalized violence and racial profiling towards black people, and aims to bring accountability to members of the US police force who unjustly incarcerate, injure and kill black people. You can help keep Black Lives Matter going by donating here.

As always we’ve made this available for you in a range of wallpaper sizes below, and you can also purchase it as a print in our Society6 store!

1024 x 768


1280 x 1024


1920 x 1080



Published by

Laura Wilson

Feminist illustrator from the South of England, currently living in Cardiff, Wales.

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