It’s Okay to Like Hillary Clinton

Dear Editor,

Recently, as happens especially often in an election year,  I was involved in a mundane political Facebook “talk”. This comment thread then inevitably spiraled into the most epic of battles.  I wanted to share my piece in this comment thread with the readers here, on the chance I am able to change some minds before election day. My ideas are communicated in the most 2016 way possible, a social media comment. I thought this medium was especially relevant this election cycle.

Specifically, the prompt was to let others in the group know why you were supporting Hillary Clinton, without mentioning the opponent. Challenge accepted. For a few minutes, I just ranted. In italics, my post-rant color commentary. Enjoy!

She has devoted her entire life to fighting for the people. (I wish I could say the same. I think my 3-year stint at Wendy’s has disqualified me here, and, well, I’m a bit stubborn, hardheaded, and even, as we can all be, selfish.) 

She has clearly received a LOT of shit for it, and she continues the fight.

She must be exhausted and so beat down, but she keeps going. She is smart, tenacious, strong, level-headed, and KEEPS GOING (I mean, really. I’m writing this laying on my couch. I wonder when the last time it was that Hillary has had a chance to just lay down on a couch!)

Sure, she has scandals, but I’m actually impressed with the low number of scandals that she has (if you actually look into what’s true vs. not true) for a career politician. (Don’t say e-mails. The word has lost all meaning to me.)

I really love her. (I do.)

I have so much respect for her, and I hope my daughter becomes half the person she is. (That’s my 5-year-old daughter Olivia in the picture above, in her “future president” shirt, which makes my heart smile. )

This may be controversial, but I even give her a pass when she had the “other” opinion than she has today, say, for gay rights. Don’t we all wish we had been on the “right” side of history? (I grew up in a conservative household that had viewpoints that could only be described as “deplorable”. As such, I had some terrible viewpoints for years and years. If you wouldn’t penalize me for this, don’t penalize Hillary Clinton. We can’t penalize change, because, out of change comes progress. Plus, we are voting for the Hillary of today, not Hillary from the nineties. I think we all made some questionable decisions in the nineties. Some voters were not even alive then!)

…and this would be the part where I go on and on about the opponent. But I didn’t. I could’ve, but I didn’t.

I didn’t “break” the rules, because, I didn’t need to. I had enough positive material. I’m not voting for Hillary because I have to, I’m voting for her because I want to. I’m not voting for Hillary because I want to stop Trump (although he is terrifying). I’m not an ex-pat from the Bernie movement. I’m not even voting for her just because I want a woman as president (although that is AMAZING). I actually like Hillary Clinton, and I have since I’ve known her, which is my entire adult life. She represents the woman I want my future self to be, and the person I am hoping my daughter turns out to be. Is she perfect? No. But, I don’t think we will ever see a more experienced, passionate and driven candidate. It’s okay to like Hillary Clinton, and it’s okay to be proud of your vote.

Think about it, and vote Tuesday.




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