Horoscopes & Love Notes

you’ve been fighting for so long
whatever comes next
walk into it with your eyes open

fill your lungs today
and remember that
this too is a gift

your body was never broken
there is no splintered split in you
say whole
now again
now again

you can’t carry the past
as one endless apology
forgive yourself first

you were born with fire in your belly
another child of the sun
you’ve got the kind of glow that lasts

your mantra for today is “open”
repeat it until it’s more feeling than phrase

it’s the season of the honey-hearted
curl and uncurl a fist until
you remember how to go soft

today your aura is the same color
as sea glass and river water and
things that move in waves

there is no wrong way to grieve

there are quiet expansions
happening all around you
so why should you be afraid
to grow?

spin backwards through space
throw the universe behind you
relive your favorite moments

say please and
thank you and
I love you and
all the others you
meant to say

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