Pastels & Poetry

RRxWORDS13 RRxWORDS4 RRxWORDS7 RRxWORDS3 (1)‘Pastels & Poetry’ is an ongoing poetry/photo project by published writer, Raychel Reimer. Reimer visually showcases her poetry works in uniquely assembled frames to catch the reader’s eye. The purpose of the bold colour use in Reimer’s project is to not shy away from her own personal femininity, and to deconstruct the idea that bright colors are neither gendered or juvenile

Raychel Reimer is a freelance artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. She studied Media Arts at Sheridan Institute in Toronto where she specialized in documentary filmmaking. A lover of many platforms, Reimer is not only an award-winning documentary filmmaker, but also a photographer, published writer and mixed media artist. She continues to create raw, non-fiction art in all of these mediums. |

You can find more of their work:
Instagram: @RRxWORDS

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