Are You “Beach Body” Ready? Of Course You Are!

The “beach body” season is almost upon us and women everywhere are being pressured and terrorized by the never-ending ads and articles, “lose 10 pounds by summer” or “it’s still not too late to start working on your beach body”.  Media is constantly bombarding us to hate our bodies, to desperately spend money on beauty products. It can be hard with all of the endless amounts of crap that is continuously thrown our ways to remember that these beauty standards are totally fake and unrealistic.

I want to celebrate women worldwide doing their thing, unapologetically, just the way they are. We are beautiful, imperfect true, real, lovable, strong and much more! To all of the girls who have chosen sitting on a beach, covered up as opposed to jumping into the beautiful sea just because they feel too self conscious about their bodies – you’ve been played! You’ve been brainwashed. Please please let this summer be the one when you will no longer sacrifice joy, comfort, and pleasures of life for nonsense like that.

Illustration & writing by Layla So



2 thoughts on “Are You “Beach Body” Ready? Of Course You Are!”

  1. I love this! I wrote a post on the subject myself given that my website name is “beach body bliss” and how important it is to realize that whatever body we are gifted with is beach body ready! You hit the nail on the head 👍🏼

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