Hits and Shits

Was this more of an “ahhh” or “mehhh” week for you? Here are some happies and crappies from this week.


These gave me a chuckle this week.

The Obama Sisters


I have absolutely loved watching these gorgeous black beauties grow up the last eight years. Even though I’ve never met them, they’ve always struck me as loving themselves as much as they love each other, and this was somewhat confirmed for me this week. At a State dinner for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (aka, Canadian Bernie Sanders), the girls are pictured with Vancouver’s own Ryan Reynolds, where Malia is somewhat cheering on Sasha as she speaks to him. It’s absolutely adorable. I’m the oldest of two girls, and even though me and my sister butt heads, if she was standing with Robert Pattinson (a weird, but I suppose understandable crush) I would totally be doing the same thing.

Game of Thrones

If you know me even just a little bit, you’ll know I’m insane for Game of Thrones. A few days ago a trailer was released for the new season and I am GAGGING with excitement. Last season’s finale left me with so many questions that I was legitimately irritated for days following. And this season should be interesting as it’s the first one to have not been based on the book universe. My main concern is I’m just glad I can FINALLY know what happened to Bran…and I’ll leave the rest of my geeking out at that.

Realm to the Rescue

In other Westeros news, the International Rescue Committee recently released a video featuring GoT cast members that supports Syrian refugees as the crisis enters its 6th year. Yet another reason to love the show.

Kim Kardashian and Slut Shaming


Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 11.56.22 PM

This story really got me thinking. Early Monday morning, Kim K tweeted a full length naked photo (pre edited to cover the “scandalous” bits) to her millions of followers and the backlash was very sly in its slut shaming nature. Several celebrities offered their opinions on Kim’s actions, which she promptly countered with a smooth clapback of her own. And at first I thought the responses were funny (Bette Midler’s shady behind usually has me in stitches). But then I got to thinking about why they were offering their opinions on her grown, adult body, and I realized they weren’t right. Kardashian’s responses were rude to a point, but I realized if the world is always talking about your body and you love it the way it is, you have every right to be angry about their opinions on it.

Happy International Women’s Day! You had no problem with seeing Kim Kardashian’s naked body when you were watching it without her permission! G’night! #IWD2016

Posted by Zach Williams on Tuesday, March 8, 2016




We can just go on ahead and leave these waaay in the past, please.


Uncle Toms in the Media


I’m just so over this, guys. I’m so over people of color backing Donald Trump in the media. While I gave up on everyone’s favorite Uncle Tom Stacey Dash years ago, both Omarosa and Mike Tyson have announced their support of this large garbage fire. It’s just irritating. Trump has made it entirely clear of his stance on Mexican and Muslim people. Real living, breathing, brown people. Who’s to say that one day he won’t remove us, too? It’s just so irresponsible to support the politics of someone who has no intentions of supporting POC, and then get on a national platform and broadcast it to the world. Keep your ignorance indoors, please.



I wish I could understand in what world that this makes sense. At SXSW last weekend, Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad was asked to remove her hijab for a security photo by absolute imbeciles. To add insult to injury, she was given an I.D. that had the wrong name and profession on it.

Thennnnn I was given the wrong ID! From now on my name is Tamir & I work for Time Warner Inc #SXSW2016 pic.twitter.com/TE3jJR16P6

— Ibtihaj Muhammad (@IbtihajMuhammad) March 12, 2016

I’m enraged. The world has taken time to spell and pronounce “Galifianakis” for years, but Ibtihaj gets snubbed? Aside from the fact that they had the gall to ask her to remove a religious head covering that the Olympics have no problem with (would you ask a nun to remove her habit???), the fact that they refused to even learn her name irritates me beyond belief. I’m tired of seeing brown women snubbed or treated as less than to make things convenient for others.


Donald Trump Cancels Chicago Rally


Oh man… once again, human garbage Donald Trump (aka Donald Drumpf)  handled this with all of the grace of a stampeding elephant. On Friday, March 11th, he postponed a rally at University of Illinois in Chicago, after protests in and outside of the event followed a concern over escalating violence. Hundreds of protestors arrived, filling at least five sections of the arenas. Fistfights between his supporters and the protestors broke out after it was announced that Trump would not be appearing. When asked if he had any regrets about the charged rhetoric at his rallies, all the Donald had to say was, “I don’t have regrets….These were very, very bad protesters. These were bad dudes. They were rough, tough guys.” So tough….


Then on Saturday, protestors appeared at another rally in Kansas City, Missouri. Dozens of people stood outside, while inside Trump was constantly interrupted. His response was to ask police to start arresting people. Police sprayed the crowd with mace at least twice and arrested two people, according to the Kansas City Police Department.

Hillary Clinton on Nancy Regan and AIDS


Hillary made a big mistake when she attended funeral services for former first lady Nancy Regan in California last week. She commented on Regan’s advocacy, saying,

“It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it was for people to talk about HIV-AIDS back in the 1980s. And because of both president and Mrs. Reagan — in particular Mrs. Reagan — we started a national conversation….When before nobody would talk about it, nobody wanted to do anything about it, and that too is something that I really appreciate with her very effective, low-key advocacy, but it penetrated the public conscious, and people began to say, ‘Hey, we have to do something about this, too.'”

LGBT and AIDS activists had a lot to say about that especially since it’s widely known that the Regans took a loooong time to acknowledge that the AIDS crisis was a problem. A few hours later, Hillary took back her statement, “While the Reagans were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, I misspoke about their record on HIV and AIDS.”


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