Hits and Shits


This week was sort of lit. Here’s what lit my fire.

Broad City is Back


Yaaaas queen, our favorite weirdos Abbi and Ilana have returned for season three of Broad City. I started watching the show on Hulu a few months ago, and while it wasn’t my fiancé’s cup of tea, there was something about it that reeled me in. It’s such an odd show, but the shock value it offers in every episode is as alluring as it is mildly repulsive. Between their millenial-esque troubles, Lincoln and Jaimé’s on-point comedic interjections and the fact that we still have no idea what Melody looks like I am so ready for whatever season three has to offer.

People Think Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer


Wandering Grandpa Munster impersonator Ted Cruz truly just can’t win, and I thought Jeb Bush had it bad. In a recent poll done by Public Policy Polling (PPP) in Florida (groan), a whopping 38% of people polled believe that Ted Cruz might be the Zodiac Killer, with ten percent of those people believing he is unarguably so. As unpredictable as Florida may be all of the time, this is just so funny to me. While it’s actually physically impossible for Cruz to be the Zodiac Killer, just the fact that there are people humoring this in an actual poll meant to collect data makes my soul happy.

Fuller House


Ugh nostalgia. Fuller House dropped early this morning on Netflix and the first episode has slammed me in the feels. I used to watch Full House every day after school when I was a kid, so to be thrown into some of the old schtick of yesteryear in Fuller House brought back a lot of good, old memories. Almost the entire cast has returned except for the Olsen twins (literally only ONE of you had to come back my GOD) and it’s just so cute. I’m already enamored with the plot line and the potential for character development and it’s only been the first episode. I’m trying to not go the way of how I usually watch Netflix shows (watch for 12 hours straight) so I can make this one last for at least a little while. We’ll see how far that gets me.



I’m so over it. Here’s what annoyed me this week.

Chris Christie Endorses Trump For President

This unsettles me for so many reasons. As a politician, I don’t care much for Chris Christie (or the state of New Jersey, but that’s neither here nor there). When he decided to run for president, I was mostly unfazed. I didn’t think he could make it all the way to November and I was right as he suspended his campaign two weeks ago. Once that happened, I figured I didn’t really have to hear anything about Christie for awhile…and then I woke up this morning.

In a move that doesn’t entirely shock me whatsoever, Christie has decided to back Full Time Whoopie Cushion Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Like I said, I don’t care much for Chris Christie to begin with, but this is irritating. Christie was supposed to be this new conservative that was going to bridge the gap between democrats and republicans, so this endorsement just doesn’t make sense. He’s flown so far right now it’s discredited everything he’s said in the past, and I would be concerned if I was a NJ resident. He’s still in office until next January, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sony’s Failure in Kesha’s Case

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.34.48 PM.png

This absolutely eats me up. Kesha has lost her legal battle to end her contract with Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald), the producer who has allegedly sexually and emotionally abused the pop singer for the last several years. I only say “allegedly” to be fair and unbiased, but the fact that this lawsuit wasn’t to put Gottwald in jail, but so that Kesha could make music without his production has me believing her claims.

Kesha is effectually stuck working with her abuser (and people who likely allowed that abuse to continue) for 6 more albums, which could take the next decade to complete. There has been a gofundme account set up to help buy her out of her $2 million contract with Sony, and several celebs have taken to social media to offer their support and services.


Whether you’re a fan of Kesha or not, you should be angry about this. Too often women are begging to be heard about their abuse and the world is too dismissive of their claims. At the end of everything, being a pop star is a job just like any other. If I am sexually harassed at my job, I would hope that the right moves would be taken to ensure I would never have to see my attacker ever again. Kesha deserves that same right, and is just asking for her safety back so she can work and continue her career.


Big Ang


I absolutely hate ending a post with a death, but I couldn’t just let this week go by without a proper send off for Angela “Big Ang” Raiola. The star of the VH1 reality show “Mob Wives” (which is a national treasure, if I’m honest), Big Ang was honestly the main reason I used to tune in to the show for her large personality and signature rasp. Her battle with brain and lung cancer was chronicled through social media accounts, and it broke my heart to see a lady full of so much love be eaten away by disease. Cancer is the absolute WORST and I hate it so, so much. Rest in peace.

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