these bridges/still hold us

to my white feminist sisters/sisters that use my back/to break the glass ceiling/ceiling that can only be shattered/by you/not me/sister that will never be your sister/sister outsider

do not hang pictures of me/on your wall/wall of phony solidarity/solidarity only meant for/your sisters/sisters that rewrite herstory/herstory that first belonged to me

resist the urge to tell me/how to vote/how to act/how to live/live in your world/world of white castles/castles never meant for me/sister please listen/listen when my words fall/from my mouth/truth that cant be whitewashed/no matter how hard you try/try to hear your sisters/sisters suffering/sisters dying/by your silence

but i will not be silent/i have nothing but my words/words escape me/and i am struggling/to find them in the dark/but its hard when your sisters/targets plastered to their backs/backs that broke under the whip/thrown to the ground in bikinis/jaws are broken/lives are taken after traffic stops

its tiring you know/a vigil is being planned/my gut tells me its not enough/when will it be enough/i am desperately trying to find/solace in a poem/words alone/will not do them justice/liberty sisters/my sisters keeper/all i can do is/say her name/over and over/say her name/again and again


Artwork by Ariela Aisa

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