The Sneaky Power of White Privilege

On Sunday, July 12th, the New York Times printed an entire article about how awesome Amy Schumer is. And I puked a little in my mouth. The article, titled “The Sneaky Power of Amy Schumer” should have been called “The Not So Sneaky Power of White Privilege.”

The article as a whole is literally a love letter to Schumer. Melena Ryzik, the writer, states “By giving selfies and boy bands the same political and comic weight as rape and reproductive rights, Ms. Schumer, 34, has emerged as a feminist hero, able to transform from the butt of her own jokes to a savvy debunker of double standards.”

Let’s not forget the video where Schumer uses black bodies in the background, as a joke. Let’s not forget her degrading jokes focused on Latinos. Racism is not funny, but it seems that since Schumer is white, she gets to do what she wants. And it’s pretty clear that white feminists drool over her and her privilege.

When Schumer was confronted about her derogatory comments towards Latino men, she defended herself. White people take heed: if people of color tell you something is racist, you should probably listen. She later apologized, but only after claiming that she’s a “taboo buster.” The taboo that Latino men are all rapists? I think she would get along great with Donald Trump.

I am so done with Amy Schumer. In classic white feminist fashion, she defended her racist jokes, and then was hailed as a feminist leader. Why is this ok for white feminists? It seems that when women of color are outraged, white feminists come to Shumer’s rescue, saying that we all need to be able to take a joke. News flash: you do not get to decide what is offensive to me. I am offended. Women of color are offended. If that is not enough to see that something is wrong, then you have some serious work to do.

If your feminism is not intersectional, Amy, then gtfo. I want no part of it.

One thought on “The Sneaky Power of White Privilege”

  1. I’m was never a fan of Amy Schumer, and after here MTV awards performance I completely erased her of my brain, why? simple, she is not funny, a comedian needs to joke and by the joke without restrains but with the understand that even a joke need limits, Joan Rivers was a comedian, she was offensive and can have stereotypes in her jokes, she has not limits, not her, her daughter or even death husband was a limitations to her, Amy Poehler it’s funny because she had limits, but trying to be the top dog in female comedy it’s not working for Amy S. if she thinks that being ignorant in this days in the times we live, it’s insensitive and irresponsible.

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