UK Ministry of Defense Launches Consent Campaign to Prevent Sexual Assault in Army

TW: Images of sexual assault and rape situations

For the first time, the UK Ministry of Defense has launched a campaign against rape and sexual assault in response to recent reports that sexual offenses within the army have risen in recent years. Initiated by head of the army, General Sir Nick Carter, the campaign features several posters with the slogan, ‘Don’t kid yourself! Without consent it’s RAPE’, which will be posted in army barracks and training centers across the country. They will also be featured in the August issue of the British Army’s Soldier magazine.

A report released on July 20 by the Ministry of Defense showed that almost half of service personal believe sexual harassment is a problem in the Army and that four out of 10 female soldiers had been subjected to sexual comments in the past year. Though many cases of rape and sexual assault go unreported, in the previous five years, there have been over 400 accounts of rape or sexual assault in the military. The campaign, created in partnership with Stonewall and Rape Crisis, is as powerful as it is necessary.

“The imagery and messaging are bold, hard-hitting and, most importantly, really clear about consent,” said Katie Russell, spokeswoman for Rape Crisis England and Wales.

“We are particularly pleased that the campaign is clearly addressed towards perpetrators and potential perpetrators of sexual offences, as opposed to victims and potential victims, as this places responsibility for these crimes unambiguously where it belongs,” she added. You can view some of the images below.




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