Peach Pit

I have always believed there is infinite beauty in tenderness. Like people crying in public places or verbalizing sentiments that cannot sustain repression. This short film, “Peach Pit” is the scenic lookout to a transitioning moment in my life with the intention of merging my vulnerability and self-love. The internet is a place for showcasing what is elating or varnished with accomplishments. My aim was to convey a sense of realism that exists within an emotionally fractured person by demonstrating my internal secrets and softness. I was interested in exploring themes of progression, rebirth, and longing. I wanted to create a film that would be specifically identifiable to millennials in a personal evolution. Inspiration was drawn from John Mortara, relocation, and a desperation to unveil candid emotions. This film is the exploration of autonomy and unfiltered internal experience.

I purposefully decided to shoot “Peach Pit” on 8mm film, constructing an ethereal continuous stream of double exposures. This was intended to be self-reflective of the nonstop motion of the mind, while simultaneously portraying the romanticization of chaos. My aim for this film was to visualize isolation, honesty, and rawness by forcing myself to practice two artforms I had never truly touched. Incorporating film and poetry produced a space where there was no boundary between reality and my personal truth. There was an intricate process in releasing the qualities of myself that I’ve assembled over time; this was vital to uncover what I was tethering to nostalgia.




One thought on “Peach Pit”

  1. So phenomenal, Giselle. You have so much beautiful fire inside of you. Keep on making art! We need it!

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