A Currency of Their Own

In my wallet, there are only imprinted legacies of dead white men. Every coin I’ve ever exchanged or found has reminded me that I’ve never possessed a relic of spare change embodying a woman. What would it look like if females were predominately featured on American currency? Women are akin to precious metals, which was my chief inspiration to create females on the faces of coins. Both women and spare change are taken for granted, despite their unwavering value and strength. This photo collection is the contrast between a feminine softness and an understated powerful disposition.

The people we choose to emboss onto a coin is a reflection of who our country heralds. Those are the heroes, moral leaders and political sculptors. The lack of female representation on currency implies that women are not as vital or pivotal to the country’s development, in both the private and public spheres. “A Currency of Their Own” expresses the juxtaposition of reality by capturing the majority of the population that is neglected from representation on US coins. This ultimately shapes female perspective to believe that we are exempt from politics, leadership and American legacy.






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