Know Your Own Anatomy: Not All That Glitters is Gold

I never fail to laugh when my boyfriend tells me the story of when he discovered that the female anatomy had *gasp* not one genital orifice— but two. However, it made me question how in depth I knew my own body. It was a slightly awkward encounter when my notes on the vagina fell out of my bag in a photography class, and hilarity ensued when my peers realized that I didn’t know parts of my body.

It was only when I questioned them on which was the labia minora and which was the labia majora that the laughter stopped—we realized that none of us knew. I found that I needed to know this information not only for my own benefit, but also for the purpose of the discovery of my own feminism. I needed to know anatomical references in order to be a trans ally—to explain to people that not all women have vaginas, and that not all people who have vaginas identify as a woman. By knowing the anatomical break-down of the vagina, I can explain to people why this is.17002923122_464f9a31c4_o

I found that making the following photo-set not only allowed me to experiment with glitter (I was covered in it for days after), but also allowed me to test my own knowledge of a topic I seemed to berate people about. Needless to say, I knew hardly as much as I thought I did. I wanted to draw attention to what was happening inside our bodies, and combat the parts which were sexualized everyday, or are highlighted as being important on a body, such as nipples and hair follicles.

I would encourage everyone to investigate their own anatomy—as well as other anatomies— and to be honest about what you know about your own body. Be willing to explore your own body to see variation of anatomy. You may be surprised on what you know. 16381941044_0490de1906_o 16818146929_7ee20707cd_o

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