Rabha Ashry: The Different Ways I See Myself

10846132_10152861039939407_295739585868551648_nrabha ashry is an arab poet who is terrified that graduating university means that she will be sentenced to a life of housewife-misery just like her mother. she writes poetry to stay sane and remind herself how to breathe.

rabha ashry is mother to ganoush the cat. she lets him sleep in her bed every night although she wakes up with scratches on her feet every morning. she is scared of what that says about her deep need for affection and the destructive nature of the love she has in her life.

rabha ashry is the eldest of five and half-sibling to many. she is resentful towards her conservative parents, who make her feel trapped and small. she misses her chosen family, who don’t seem to miss her.

rabha ashry has been writing poems since she was nine. her first poem was about her family written in thinly veiled metaphors about star clusters. she has since abandoned metaphors for honesty because she hates censorship.

rabha ashry has spent the first 18 years of her life trying to catch up on American pop culture, realized in her 19th year that nothing other than being American can make her American, and wrote essays in her 21st year trying to explain how colonialism and assimilation politics and her very specific circumstances fashioned that desire in the first place.

rabha ashry is a newly-minted freelance writer with no idea about how life in the real world works. she wishes she could go back in time and do college right. she misses cuddling on the couch with her best friends and watching cult classics.

rabha ashry spends most of her time either reading or watching reruns of cancelled tv shows. when she was a kid she thought she was going to change the world, now she realizes the world will change her.

rabha ashry is mother to a team of misfit artists who have all moved away to pursue more successful careers than she could hope to have. she finally understands how much her mother struggles with empty nest syndrome.

rabha ashry spent the first six years of her life confused about her last name because her father abandoned her and her stepdad raised her. now her father is dead and her stepdad won’t talk to her. she’s not sure where she went wrong exactly.

rabha ashry is a lapsed muslim living in conservative sharjah. she worries that sleeveless shirts and smoking cigarettes outside during daytime in ramadan will get her arrested. she hasn’t prayed in three years and secretly hopes that god won’t mind so much.

rabha ashry is a writer. she hopes to make a career out of her experimental poetry and her no sugar coating allowed feminism. she can’t conceive of a life in which she is not a writer.

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(aspiring) poet, feminist, lesbian, genderqueer, survivor, angry, ready to fight, ready to talk.

3 thoughts on “Rabha Ashry: The Different Ways I See Myself”

  1. Rabha Ashry is a wonderful writer, with a captivating mind, and a beautiful heart. Rabha Ashry is already changing the world though she might not realize it yet. 🙂

  2. Rabha Ashry is a wonderful writer, with a captivating mind, and a beautiful heart. Rabha Ashry is already changing the world though she may not realize it yet. 🙂

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