Featured Artist: Anna Webb

An excerpt from
In the Bones


Last night,
Her baby boy

Became a murderer.
He took a life so beautiful,

It looked like the dresses little girls
Wear to church on Easter morning,

With lace daisies all along their collars,
That made their mothers say,

“Look how sweet my girl looks.
Like an angel.”

He forgot
Who she was.

Like how she once drove
For twelve hours straight

From Washington, DC. to Florida
So he could ride Splash Mountain

And meet Donald Duck. He forgot
She has thirteen pictures

Of him hanging
All over her house

Because his smile was the only thing
She ever wanted to see.

Last night
Her baby boy

Took one of his father’s old ties
Red and black stripes

And slung it over the fan blade
Above his bed.

He jumped through the hoop
Like a lion at the circus,

When she found him

First thing in the morning
She saw he had written

on his palms, “Momma.
I love you.”

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