Photos by Emma Jones: A Beautiful Little Fool


It is easy to recognize society’s censorship of the female body: the preference for cinematic exposure to violence over nudity, the constant media scrutiny of successful women, the blatantly sexist dress codes. It is more difficult, however, to fight what we cannot see: the constant self-restriction that has been ingrained since the first time you were told you could not play on the monkey bars with the boys because you were wearing a skirt. In a world of conservative politics, male-dominated television, and constantly evolving social media, censorship has not only made its way into our bodies, but into our minds as well. A Beautiful Little Fool, a series of photography and digital art collages, both explores the ways in which women censor themselves, and celebrates the ability of women to overcome societal barriers and free themselves from the confines of a patriarchal mindset. LolitaFallen Angel, Emma Jones

Persephone, Emma JonesMorning Glory, Emma JonesBehind Bars, Emma Jones

Emma Jones is a photographer, runner, and high school senior residing in Western Massachusetts. She will attend Vassar College in the fall, where she plans to double major in women’s studies and studio art.

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