Interview with Exorsister



I was honored to sit and interview the up and coming grunge-punk band, Exorsister, from North Jersey, which is an off shoot of Wonder Cunt. Exorsister is a mixed gender 4-person group whom post songs about female murders through our history and advocates for women’s empowerment. 


Alexis Joan– vocals

Dominique Pelli– guitar

Dominick Rosato– drummer

Danni Scarpa– bass

First off, are there any shows coming up for your band?

Alexis: We have a show coming up June 20th at the Mill Hill Basement in Trenton, NJ.

 How would you describe your sound for this band?

Dominique: Grunge Punk

Alexis: Anger and aggression. We write about female murders and have songs about Aileen Wuornos and Andrea Yates.

Dominick: It’s very femme fatale because women do fucked up shit, too.

Dan: Basically, fuck society.

What is your message for this band?

Alexis: releasing and portraying aggression

What are your biggest influences for this band?

Alexis: Mike Williams, Amanda Palmer and Kurt

Dominique: Hole, Bikini Kill and all 90’s girl punk

Dominick: Dave Grohl and Jane’s Addiction

Dan: 80’s punk and Krist Novoselic

Would you say that your band is a feminist band, or will you automatically get lumped as one because there are two girls in the band?

Alexis: We don’t play feminist music but we are all feminists and will be grouped in a riot girl band. Because there are two girls in the band, we will be seen as a feminist band. It’s actually very anti-feminist to consider us a feminist band simply because there are females in the band. Our gender is not a statement.

What is your view on girl safety at shows?

Alexis: It should be safety for all, but you will still have assholes that like to think that you don’t belong there.

Dominick: Don’t punch anyone and don’t feel anyone up especially if a girl is crowd surfing.

Dan: Let’s change the people hitting, not the girls.

How do you think other musicians or viewers will take two strong females in a male dominated “rock” world?

Dominick: Well, we do need to prove ourselves, we’re a band- not a gimmick.

Alexis: We will be looked upon like a gimmick and maybe get more publicity for having a front woman. We may not be taken seriously.

Dan: A lot of bands are mixed, especially now with Venusfest in Newark, NJ for women in rock genre bands.

What is your past experience with other bands?

Dan: Some bands had tons of fans and others I was the only one who listened to them.

Alexis: Dominique and I are from Wonder Cunt.

What is a fun fact about your band?

Dan: We’re all bisexual except for Dominick, who is the token straight guy.

What are some feminist issues that you’d like to have awareness brought to?

 Dominique: Police brutality and trans awareness.

Dominick: Equal pay, it’s 2015?

Alexis: Waiting for the day we’re just viewed as people and it won’t matter about gender anymore.

Dan: Gender roles and that there’s a difference between genders along with society giving power to men. Patriarchal oppression hurts people of all genders.

What is something you’d like to leave our readers with?

Dominique: I really just want to say to pick up an instrument and start a band. Reach out to other women in the industry. Brown and black girls, get in there.





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