Stop Girl Hate


by Esperanza M.

Five times a week I sit in classrooms where the majority of people are girls.

Five times a week I sit in classrooms where girls hate other girls.

And twice a week I spend two hours in a classroom where things are particularly bad.

Twice a week I have to be in a classroom where things are worse than in any other I’ve seen.

And I can’t help but feel angry and uncomfortable.

Twice a week I spend two hours hearing comments about some girl who is a slut,

About some girl who didn’t lose weight for her wedding day,

About some girl who has the ugliest clothes,

About some girl who tries too much,

And another one who doesn’t try enough.

Someone told me lately:

“Sometimes other women are a bigger problem than the patriarchy”

And I think they don’t realize.

We women can be part of the patriarchy too.

And I think the first step to fix this is:

Love and respect other girls.

We are made of the same.

Just stop the hate.

2 thoughts

    1. True, but I think it has a very good reason.

      I mean, it isn’t justified, but it sure has a reason, and that reason is “simply”, that we have internalized A LOT of sexist, patriarchal ideas about how women should act and be, and we are taught that feminine things are less valid and important.

      So, even while being women ourselves, we act in a sexist way too, they raise us that way and they turn women against each other.

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