In Celebration of Girlfriends

“You would be the best boyfriend,” I recently texted a friend, “except for the lack of penis.”

“Good friends are basically boyfriends that you don’t want to bang,”she responded.

Good girlfriends ARE like significant others, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just one at a time.  If you’re lucky enough, you can have around 11 or 12 girlfriends at once and they don’t get jealous of each other the way a significant other might if you had 10 or 11 other boyfriends. Sometimes, you can get all of your girlfriends together in the same room and it is the greatest thing in the world. The beautiful blend of their individual personalities makes up a friendship base that is perfect for you. Just like in a serious romantic relationship, it’s appropriate and necessary to let your girlfriends know how much you love and appreciate them.

How do you know if a girlfriend has made it beyond the barriers of an average acquaintance? She makes you feel the same level of security, confidence, and motivation that a boyfriend or S.O. would.  She is funny, fun, intelligent and knows what makes you happy; she sends you encouraging texts to boost your ego and keep you going; she embraces the weirdest parts of your personality; she drives you around because she knows how much you don’t like driving; your family knows and loves her; she can untangle you from any web within your own mind; she is not someone who fades away if she moves away; she listens to you, and you learn from her.

Maybe she is someone you’ve suddenly realized you could actually live with, or maybe she is someone with whom you’ve had your longest long-distance relationship to date (6 years and counting!). Maybe she is someone you’ve met recently and can’t remember how your life was without her in it.friends

Just like a S.O, Girlfriends may connect with you immediately, or the relationship may build up over time and surprise you. She might get along with you because of similar interests and personalities, or she might be perfect for you because she is different from you. While you try out different clothes, lovers, and jobs, your girlfriends will always be there (even if they don’t quite understand why you’re wearing that, what you see in him, or what exactly it is you do at your job).

You can face anything with the love and support of your girlfriends. The power of a strong, female friendship should never be underestimated, under-appreciated, or overlooked. girlfriends make the world a brighter, more interesting place.


One thought

  1. Ha ha I love that you don’t have to be exclusive with just one girl friend although I have experienced jealousy issues in the past – or more like feelings of exclusion. Friendships and relationships can have quite the parallels!

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