Celebrate Riot Grrrl Day: A Playlist

Riot Grrrl is a feminist movement found in the 1990s in Olympia, Washington. A handful of punk and rocker ladies have been musically influenced by the Riot Grrrl’s core values, usually calling out on misogyny, racism, domestic violence, female empowerment and patriarchy. There is a DIY state of mind regarding the different art forms to spread their message, especially within zines, poetry and music.  Some  bands involved in the movement were: Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney, etc.





Below is the official Riot Grrrl proclamation, it reads: “I, Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of the City of Boston, do hereby proclaim April 9th, 2015, to be Riot Grrrl Day in the City of Boston, to commemorate, celebrate and actively promote the cultural significance of Riot Grrrl culture, and to inspire grrrls everywhere to shake up the status quo and create.”

Mayor Marty Walsh proclaims April 9, 2015, “Riot Grrrl Day” in the city of Boston. (City of Boston)


Happy Riot Grrrl day to all of my badass grrrlz out there! Listen to some of my favorite lady vocalist/bands all in one place. Always remember to support one another and to dance to what makes you feel good.

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