A girl’s best friend


by Esperanza M.

I have always had a huge crush on Marilyn Monroe. However, for most of my life, all I knew about her was she was beautiful, sexy and charming. That’s pretty much what everyone knows about her, right? She is mostly remembered for being a sex icon,  a “dumb blonde,” and basically the perfect woman—the kind of woman a man would love to have.

The truth is that she truly was that image of the perfect woman, not because of her looks, but rather because of what she stood for. She was one of the first people to speak openly about sexual abuse, she supported gay people and people of color, as well as donating money and time to charities, hospitals and orphanages.

Another important thing to mention is the fact that she refused to be what people wanted her to be, what people thought she was: a beautiful little fool. She didn’t conform, she never accepted to date people for publicity, she demanded to be treated with respect and to be paid as much as she deserved. She was educated and intelligent. Even while being a sex symbol, she still was her own person. She encourage sexual liberation, even if the whole world saw her as a sexual object whose purpose was to pleasure the male gaze.

I recently learned this about her and I think  she was, and still is, a  great role model. And a great feminist icon who is frequently belittled. She was way more than a pretty face—everyone is more than that, don’t forget it.

One thought on “A girl’s best friend”

  1. Esperanza: Good piece. You may have read it already but there’s a good recent bio of her by Lois Banner, “Marilyn: The Pasion and The Paradox,” that expands on her many levels.

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