The Price of Plus Size Clothes?



Recently, I was given a gift card for Land’s End,  a store I was unfamiliar with,  but I figured they would have a dress or tights that I would like. As I was scrolling through the sales selection online, I start to notice every time I click on my size (a “regular” according to them), the price doubles. I am 5 foot 9 with an average build so I mostly buy clothes sized medium and large. I decide to investigate a little more and I saw a petite dress that is advertised for $9.50. As I click on the plus size price for this dress, it states that it’s $44.99. You’re telling me that a plus size dress calls for almost 5 times as much than a petite? Not a baby version but a few dress sizes apart. I went through this site and without fail the “regular” and plus size prices were doubled, tripled and so forth.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.


black P


black R



black PS



Land’s End is not the only company charging unreasonable prices for larger sized clothing. Adding a few extra dollars for materials  is understandable but it should not requires those who wear them to pay 5 times as much.

Has anyone else noticed this immoral practice in other brands? Is there a logical reason for this?



2 thoughts on “The Price of Plus Size Clothes?”

  1. I have seen this on far too many sites! Sadly, I have seen it more on plus size exclusive sites than I have on mass retailer sites. I’ve seen some plus sites with the audacity to charge $80 for a plain tee shirt.

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