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Man Who Was Body-Shamed On the Internet Receives The Best Dance Party Ever


A Londoner named Sean  was fat-shamed on 4Chan—aka the root of all evil—for dancing in public. In a positive turn, Cassandra Fairbanks  became our shero by launching a Twitter campaign to #FindDancingMan. Not only did she offer positive words of encouragement for him to keep on dancing, but she also decided throw him his own dance party, along with more than a thousand women. As if that wasn’t enough for king of the dance floor, Pharrell also offered to make an appearance at the party.  Obviously, Sean said yes. That’s one party we wouldn’t want to miss, either!

Albany-based Company Promotes Social Justice By Use of Printed Shirts 


The site The Daily Racist (TDR) teamed up with YBD on Lark, an Albany-based, Black owned graphic design company, to create these shirts that promote the importance of black lives and create awareness of modern racism in society. The shirts use pop culture references as a way to combine awesome and wearable designs with messages that create an important form of discussion about race. We’re definitely proud to see a company from Bitchtopia’s birthplace using art as a way to do good in society!

An Interesting Spin On Our Disney Fantasies 


Artist Jeff Huong created a series of artwork that presents a re-imagined view of Disney characters, titled Disney’s Unhappily Ever After. While you’ve probably seen plenty of artwork featuring Disney princesses and other characters re-imagined by artists on the internet, these stand out. His art combines photography with images of beloved Disney characters, showing what their lives may have been like if they didn’t follow the happily-ever-after structure of the films. While some of them are humorous, such as having Chicken Little standing outside KFC in shock over the discovery of what they do to his kin, it is heartbreaking to see Lilo, Nani, and Stitch living on the streets in poverty.

An Intelligent Opinion Piece On Feminism (BONUS: Read the Comments To Watch Some Learning Happen!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.31.10 AM

Writer Elizabeth Murray explains the true meaning of feminism and the importance of not defining feminism according to the stereotypes. If you’re interested in learning about how feminism can be radical without being misandrist and why “leaning in” is not a proper way to fight patriarchy, it’s definitely worth reading.

Transgendered Teenage Girl, Jazz Jennings, Is the New Face of a Clean & Clear Campaign



Jazz is one of the world’s youngest transgendered children to be diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria—a condition where a person’s psychological identity does not correlate with their biological sex. Although she is only fourteen years old, she has become a large advocate for trans rights and even co-authored a children’s book in which she explains what it means to be a trans person. In order to promote acceptance of trans people and confidence in all teenage girls, Clean & Clear chose Jennings as the face of their campaign,  “See The Real Me.”   It’s incredible to see such a brave girl like Jazz becoming more prominent in the media.


Breaking News:  Police Officers Are Incredibly Racist 


A video of Deputy  Michael Slater from Pascagoula, Mississippi was released online,  which featured him verbally attacking other players on XBOX Live. In the video, Slater is heard threatening the other players, bragging about beating up black people, and using racial slurs. Of course, a police officer being racist and bragging about being “paid to beat up n****** ” is nothing new, however, it’s still appalling to see someone take pride in engaging in racial violence. This only goes to show how while there’s some good police officers out there, there’s enough that cause damage to society and abuse their position of power.  Fortunately, Slater was moronic enough to give his full name, address. and badge number, causing him to be fired.

TripAdvisor Bans Words “Feminism” and “Misogyny” 


Christina Fowler and her husband went out to dinner and  witnessed a restaurant owner sexually harassing a waitress—on International Women’s Day, no less. Instead of ignoring it, Folwer decided to do the right thing and point it out in a review of the restaurant. The manager, who referred to herself as “manageress ” (which I’m certain is not even a real word) responded to her post and claimed that Fowler was a “bigot” for complaining about the owner, because obviously the woman who is speaking out about sexual harassment is a bigot, not the man who abuses his power as an employer. After the review went viral and and received 100 recommendations, TripAdvisor sent her an email saying that the review had been removed because it was  not “relevant to trip planning and research”.  She was only able re-post it by removing the words “feminism” and “misogyny.” It’s sad to know we live in a world where feminism is seen as a bad word but sexual harassment is considered to be acceptable.

Racist Frat Bros Apologize For Being Racist, Yet Probably Are Still Racist

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 2.14.23 AM

The two frat guys who led the racist chant that was featured in a viral video issued an apology in which they claim to have learned from their mistakes. While they claim that they were just following what the rest were doing and that their actions were fueled by alcohol, fraternities have been known for their racist behavior and exclusion of people of color for decades.  In fact, according to people on Reddit who have been part of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat, the song has been a part of the fraternity long before the video became public. Can we just agree that frats are generally a bad idea and too gross to still exist?

Sony Announces An All-Male Reboot of Ghostbusters To Compete With All-Female Remake 


All-female reboot of Ghostbusters by Paul Feig? AWESOME. Another Ghostbusters remake with an all-male cast? Not so awesome. As is often the case in the history of patriarchy, men try to overshadow the work of women. Knowing that the female-led cast of Feig’s Ghostbusters remake has been generating plenty of buzz and excitement from fans, Sony wants to try to create its own version of it. Let’s be honest, none of this makes sense. A remake filled with some of the best women in comedy—such as Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon— is a refreshing take on the 80s classic. I cannot wait to see them kick some ghost butt. However, I’m failing to recognize the point of creating a remake that features an all-male cast when there’s already a remake in the works. Do we really need another film franchise with white men in it?

“This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” Shirts Were Made In a Sweatshop 


While we loved the message behind The Fawcett Society’s shirts,  it is appalling to know that they were mass produced in a Mauritian sweatshop. While the sentiment behind the shirt is great and the fact that so many male celebrities wore it to promote equality equally great, sweatshops represent the opposite of what those shirts stand for. There is nothing feminist about women working in poor conditions and earning a minimal wage. Shame on you, Fawcett Society.

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