Entitled Men Everywhere: Stop Eating Our Food


Whether they’re spreading their legs on the subway, criticizing our bodies, physically abusing us or paying us less for equal work, entitled men everywhere continue to assume we are small and find ways to make us smaller.

Get this: No woman is small. Whether a woman is fat, skinny, curvy, short or tall; the one thing she will never be is small.

Nothing ignites my feminist rage more than men who think they’re entitled to more than women. This past weekend when I shared (and evenly split the cost of ) an 18-inch pizza with three of my male coworkers, this rage ignited. When the pizza arrived, I grabbed a slice and walked away for five minutes. When I returned, the pizza had almost been eaten in its entirety. They scarfed down the pizza like animals, and because I didn’t eat quickly enough, I didn’t get my share.

A very frustrating dynamic seems to occur when women eat with men. If you are a slow eater and you are a woman, chances are your date will help himself to your food once he has finished his meal. He will ASSUME that because you are eating slowly (and because you are a woman) you could not possibly finish your entire meal.

Men think that because we are women, we are not hungry. They eat our food because society puts us in a box where we are constantly struggling to shrink our waists and eat less. Society tells us that women are constantly trying to cut calories and that we couldn’t possibly eat the same amount of pizza that men would eat.


Femininity does not equate to small, delicate, fragile, meek or dainty. Femininity means expressing yourself in feminine ways—however you choose to define them— and eating an entire pizza if you want to.

Even if I didn’t eat all four pieces of the pizza that I had paid for, they belonged to me. I paid for them and they belonged to me. When we are out to dinner my dish belongs to me, and the only time you get to eat off of my plate or help yourself to my share is when you ask me for a bite or when I offer it to you.

The same applies to my body, my work ethic and my space. My body belongs to me and you only get to touch it when I give you permission. The work I do belongs to me and I deserve equal pay to my male colleagues because I need to feed myself, too. My seat on the train belongs to me because I paid the same amount as you did, and I demand that you make space for me.

Women nourish their bodies the same way men do, and it is up to us to decide when we are full. As men, to presume you are entitled to start eating our food when you have finished yours is sexist, demeaning and inconsiderate. You are operating under the assumption that our space is only ours until you take it from us – an assumption that is dangerous to women everywhere.

So, entitled men everywhere: get your hands of our bodies and get your hands off our pizza.

10 thoughts

  1. I’ve never thought of it that way. This was a funny take on a serious subject. Pizza and women, two things not to mess with! Enjoyed the read!

  2. This reminds me of a time at school dealing with food, also. A friend was going around trying to get rid of some left over doughnuts from a club meeting. She comes to my table to offer some to myself and other friends sitting around. Most of the girls take one, but most guys take two. I love doughnuts, so I take two. Immediately, everyone looks at me like I’m crazy. One of the guys had the nerve to ask if I was on my period.

  3. WORD. I’ve never ONCE directly observed or known of a single woman to start preemptively snacking on someone else’s plate if they finish early with their food, even if they are out to eat with their other female friends. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve seen men do the opposite.

  4. Jesus Christ on a corncob, calm down. Not everything is sexism.

    Yeah, it might be a dick move to eat someone’s food, but it’s certainly not sexist. Men and women both do it. I can’t tell you how many times my female friends have eaten off my plate without asking and eaten all my food when I wasn’t there. I guarantee your coworkers ate it because it was sitting there, you left, and you didn’t call dibs, not some convoluted “she’s a woman, so therefore I get her pizza because patriarchy” plot to ‘oppress’ you.

    Did you ask them why they ate it? Did you tell them how it made you feel? Did you ask them to pay you back because you’d paid for it? Did you demand an apology? Or did you come and rant about it on the internet? Did you just ASSUME that because they’re men that they couldn’t possibly do anything without it being sexist? Did you just ASSUME that they did it because you’re a woman?

    Stop pretending there’s sexism where there is none. You make a mockery of the term and the oppression of women. Honestly, they ate your pizza. It’s not the end of the world. Handle it like an adult, not like a child upset that their friends ate all the snacks without them.

  5. This article would have been more effective if the author had resisted encompassing “men” and “women” under immutable blanket stereotypes. For example, saying, “Men think that because we are women, we are not hungry,” is a generalizing statement and as such ends up being meaningless (except as a polarizing statement). I would agree that men are more likely to finish women’s food in the United States than vice versa, but the nuance and reasoning in this piece should be ramped up a notch in order to prove the validity of the author’s point.

  6. I’m gonna be honest, here: I do this to my guy friends when we get a pizza. And those fat fuckers do it to me. When it comes to pizza, it’s WAR.

  7. are you literally just walking around the earth looking for shit to complain about on a public forum? this is hilariously ridiculous. also you write like an emotional 22 year old. this was never about you or your body or the fact that you are a woman. it’s about fucking pizza, and maybe a little about your friends being selfish, but this CERTAINLY has nothing to do with gender.


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