Bitchtopia Needs YOU!

Hello to all the lovely “bitches with a cause!” We wanted to take a mini break from bringing you coverage on latest events, thought-provoking poetry, etc to remind you of something crucial. Something that makes Bitchtopia what it is today. YOU.

We love and thrive off of your submissions. We want to feature your work, whatever it may be!

submissionsNot only do we want to feature your work, we will work with you personally by work shopping your piece until it is absolute perfection. You can send us your submissions anytime, by either emailing us at or through our Tumblr!

But wait, we have some MORE great news to share! We are currently looking for new regular contributors! By joining the Bitchtopia team, you’re able to submit twice a month on a schedule, get involved with a discourse, partake in feminist discussions amongst the rest of our staff, gain experience and exposure, and so much more! We would love to have you on the team. If you, or anyone you know, is interested, email us your resume!


5 thoughts

    1. If you’ve been told that it is published, then it is under the username “Guest Contributor of Bitchtopia” or “Bitchtopia.” Try searching the name you asked it to be published with. We have spiced up titles during the editing process from time to time.
      We do get a lot of submissions, so if you’re curious and can’t find your piece, re-email and one of our representatives will help you find it.

    1. All Bitchtopia contributors and team members are unpaid. All money made from the site goes back into running the site. Working with us is great for resume building, networking, and as a platform to share you work! 🙂

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