I have a memory of the
springtime flowers blooming and
My godmother helping my small hands
Bead intricate necklaces, while teaching me
My history, Borinken history, our history

It’s late summer and the lilacs fill my soul
As I am feeding the koi in her pond
That I was so fascinated with
While she cooks me arroz con pollo
That tastes like home

The colors of the leaves turn and
I am learning that change is terrifying
She reminds me that
I was kissed by a Taino angel
But most importantly, to believe in second chances

It’s cold now and
the snow piles on top of my bones
But I remember those days, picking the glue off my fingers
Listening to jazz, her laugh
And the icicles on my ribs start to melt

Illustration by the lovely Laura Wilson

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