Call For Submissions!



It’s been two years since the domain name “Bitchtopia” was bought. We’ve accomplished so much in just a few short months. Two pieces on HuffPo, one on Jezebel, CNN is following on our blog, and dozens of mentions on buzz worthy sites. Or, how about when the NYPost used Bitchtopia as a source? Yeah, we’re doing a great job!

Since we’ve launched, we’ve hit a ton of milestones, but we still have many more to go. We want to publish you. We need to publish you. You are apart of our success.

Bitchtopia is a feminist creative collective that is looking for art, articles, poetry, videos, music, reviews, stories, social commentary, ANYTHING.

We’re looking for both regular contributors and singular submissions. Email with a brief summary about you and what you stand for and an example of your work (or what you wish to submit). We want to publish you so bad, that we will even workshop your piece with you until it’s perfect!

❤ Shoot this call for submissions to all your friends. ❤

Bitchtopia’s Twitter | Bitchtopia’s Facebook

7 thoughts

    1. ABSOLUTELY! We are always, always looking for intelligent people from all walks of life to help us grow our understandings! Please feel free to email bitchtopia or reach out to us via Facebook! I am so excited to see what you have. Thank you! Noelle

    1. Send your submission, along with the information of where you were previously published and your agreement with the publisher. We do prefer to publish original works, but are open to exceptions!

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