Guest Feature: Photographer Megan Tatem

Have you ever watched porn just to see what all the excitement was about? No? Well, I did.

It was my junior year in college and I was taking my first photo class ever with a focus on sexuality. I had to go from shooting my friends candidly (with clothes on), to shooting their bare-naked bodies.

This was new to me.

To ease through this transition, I began watching porn along with late night TV sex specials, thinking it would help acclimate me to exposing and capturing sexuality on film, or that subconsciously it would make me feel better about my own sexuality and allow me to actually explore my sexual preferences. While most of the low-grade porn I was watching was pretty trashy sexually, the videography—believe it or not—had me pretty transfixed. I started watching it every night religiously, feeling a need to see the next storyline and the people and props involved. This is what started my open-ended body of work, ENDLESS.

With new tools comes new work. ENDLESS is about contemporary nihilism and reproducible media. ENDLESS is a body of work that retaliates against the male gaze, utilizing repeating kaleidoscopic images to illustrate the ample options of the female gaze and female sexuality. The infinite reflections of strippers and prostitutes help depict the insatiable sexual void within pornography when it comes to women and our desires.










About Megan:

I am a self-taught photographer who is currently working at a tech start-up, and a contemporary art gallery in New York City. Working at a tech start-up has definitely made me want to expand and change my creative process. Moving forward, I hope to use other tools such as scanners, screenshots, and xerox machines as cameras, and simultaneously create not only photographs, but digital paintings. You can catch more of my work at my website:

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