Disenchanted: Photos by Katharine Hannah

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of purity and virginity and what it means to be held accountable to those ideals, especially in the shoes of young women. Of how I could be seen as tainted or used, how I could be deemed not worthy because of how many hands I’ve had on me. Despite the lace and delicacy that I walk, speak or cover myself in, I’ll never be the desired, pure, and unscathed woman that others think I should be. I will always be analyzed and evaluated based on the things that I have done with others.

This series is an attempt to begin to understand the culture around me and how my acts will define the way I am viewed. I wanted to try and show the transition between how clean, light, angelic, and innocent women are perceived before any intimacy with others and how those interactions change both the way the viewer sees her and how she sees herself.









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