Showcasing Young Feminists: Jessica Brielle


a woman is more than a pretty face

a woman is more than a dress covered in lace
a woman is more than a meal to be cooked
a woman is someone that’s too often over looked

a woman can become a doctor, cure a disease
a woman can even climb a mountain with ease
a woman can make a plane soar
a woman can do more than just mop the floor

a woman is intelligent and innovative
a woman has ideas that are amazing and creative
a woman is powerful, what can I say?
a woman is someone who should do a man’s job and get equal pay


Who knew that the way we look could keep someone from wanting to know our story, open our book.

Who knew that the way we talk could keep someone from taking a stop, to continue their walk.

Who knew that the color of our skin could keep someone from wanting to be let in.

Who knew that what they believe, could cause their view of us to be misperceived.

Who knew that society sees us as impressions, not people.


A smile was all it took,
he was infatuated with her after barely one look.

He wanted to make her his own,
tired of spending his days alone.

He showered her with roses and diamonds, every girl’s dream
But she met a side of him not so keen.

His kind words turned to hate,
She was unsure about everything, and started to question her fate.

She stayed mesmerized by those beautiful, blue eyes
Too bad they were just filled with lies.

She was hopelessly in love, head over heels
One day, she realized it was all just sex appeal.

About the author: My name is Jessica Brielle, but most just call me Jess. I’m only 13, but I’ll be 14 in a few days. Most say I’m mature for my age, but I think that’s a positive part of me and it allows me to see things others normally don’t. I’m from the lovely city of Chicago and one day I hope to travel and see what the world offers for me. I don’t have any experience with writing in the professional aspect, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right? For me, writing has given me the strength to let out everything I feel. When I write, it’s therapeutic, and all my troubles remain scrawled out on paper. But they usually get smudged since I’m a lefty! I’m so happy and thankful for an opportunity like this and I hope someone out there can relate to my innermost thoughts.

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