‘Pink to Make the Boys Wink’ and the Transition from Little Girl to Young Woman

Recently I’ve been interested in exploring my transition from young girl to young woman in my work. It has always been something that has intrigued me, particularly the role that my sexuality played in this transitioning process. I feel that becoming sexually active was one of the main events that signified my new ‘young woman’ status and through sex I felt that I’d lost the awkward, shy innocence that I once had. This is what led me to producing ‘Pink to Make the Boys Wink’, and also ‘Little Girls’ Tea Party’. Unintentionally, this work has coincided with my last five months of being recognised as a ‘teenager’ also.

For ‘Pink to Make the Boys Wink’, I wanted to combine a number of objects that signified my years as a young girl and my years as a young woman. I think the contrast between objects symbolising innocence, such as the 5th birthday badge, and objects symbolising sexual activity, the sex toys is interesting. I barely remember anything before the age of ten so included some of my favourite objects from my childhood.  I also wanted to explore the role that the colour pink played early on in my life. My parents luckily weren’t pushers of gendering certain colours, but the colour pink and girly things were definitely in the background of my young life.









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