Art and Bitchtopia

If you’ve been following any of our social media sites during the past few weeks, then you know about our newest venture: a merch store!


Happy Thanksgiving, to our American readers! Though we don’t support the ways in which the Thanksgiving tradition started, we wanted to take this moment and thank you all for reading. Thank you for being active in this conversation. Thank you for valuing our opinions. Thank you for letting us have a voice. Thank you for showing us how you use yours.

While we do not often ask for donations, we wanted to take this time to remind you that all of our writers, artists, and staff members work for free. We all think that the feminist cause is important and have decided to throw our passion into this webzine. All of our time is donated. We never want to feel like you’re blindly clicking a “donate” button, but we could really use some assistance in keeping Bitchtopia running. Websites have their costs and in order to keep our site alive, we’re asking for you to support us by buying yourself , your family, and/or your friends some gifts from our merch store.

 We have hoodies, tote bags, mugs, and so much more! With the holidays fast approaching, what’s better than the gift of Bitchtopia and spreading awareness? Not only will you be treating yourself and others to the cutest merchandise, you’ll also be part of what keeps the Bitchtopia contributors able to spread our voice.

The profits from our merch make it possible to get the word out…” explains our Editor-in-Chief, Ingrid Taller. “…we were able create a large platform for our contributors and guest authors to be heard. What we earn from merch sales assists in keeping our platform powerful.” If that wasn’t enough, all of the designs featured on our merchandise is especially created by Bitchtopia artists! You can choose to stick to our classic logo, designed by artist Lee Anna Fitzgerald. Or, you can choose from some of our newly added sketches, courtesy of featured Bitchtopia artist Laura Jane Wilson!

On having her designs featured on our merchandise, Laura shares,”I’m so thrilled! It’s a pretty awesome feeling to be part of such an amazing team. I’m sure my work will benefit from being involved in the site, and hopefully people will enjoy what I contribute!”

babesWhat sets Bitchtopia apart from the rest? “ It has such an authentic, no-bullshit feel to it. It’s a community of awesome people talking about stuff that matters.” explains Laura. We use our growing platform to give a voice for people previously shy to use theirs. Our goal is to strengthen through education and support. By supporting Bitchtopia with the sales of our merchandise, you’re aiding us in continuing to providing said platform!

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a new phone case, a hoodie to keep warm, or a mug for the coffee fiend in your life! Not only will you be rocking the cutest merch, but knowing that you’re directly helping us here at Bitchtopia to continue running will fill your heart with joy. Be sure to check out our store all through this week for different sales and promotions. We’re practically giving stuff away!




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