To Ferguson, With Love

For those who have lost their lives
Solely based on their skin color,
For those who face the system
That has its foundations in white supremacy,
For those who have been fighting
For 100 and more days
We march for you.

We are well aware, more than ever
That the system is in shards.
We felt the stabbing in our backs
When a murderer walked free.
We have seen it deal death
To the most peaceful, the most poor, the most colored.
We march for them.

We cannot live in a world
Where one exploits the other,
When some prosper
And many suffer,
Because we know that if some are oppressed,
we are all oppressed
We march for us.

We are making noise,
And demanding that we be heard
We are crying and fighting for
We march in solidarity
We rally for justice
We walk towards freedom.

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