My Life Was a Minstrel Show

My life was a minstrel show, filled with delight

With costumes and jokes and me working all night.


I dipped, spun, and someone who looked just like me

Was dancing and singing for all children to see.


With the shake of my hips, the curve of my back

came a laugh with great glee, and all their chips stacked.


I lifted my arms and they did the same

But theirs was much lower just a fun game.


I went left, then right, made sure to make my marks

Everyone gave them great praise and left me in the dark.


I was performing for 300, and the day I grew tired

They gave me their looks. I felt I was fired.


They pretended they knew me, but I knew the truth

Life wasn’t me and Mr. Bones, it was me and Ms. Ruth.


My limited vocabulary expanded, no doubt

They were shocked and awed I had learned decent clout.


So friends, my show’s over

Or at least on a pause.

I’ve packed up my makeup, my oohs and my awes.

My tricks and my sayings have dried like the well.

I hope my debts paid.

It’s my time to sail.

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