Forever & Ever: Til Nothing’s Never

At fifteen, I fell in love and they promised to cherish me “forever and ever, til nothing is never” in the most beautiful love letter I have received to date. I truly believed in the concept of forever and that our devotion to another would never fade. Teenage love is an anxious time of longing for escape. In my experience, we wanted to be with one another completely and depart from traditional school, careers, and suburban life. We enveloped ourselves in our relationship and felt the agony and allure of first experiences; we shared our first intimate and personal moments with one another: first fights, first dances, and first kisses. Our actions were brand new and raw which lead us to become attached. We began to identify with this idea of forever as we shared bubble gum, bicycle rides, and memories.

I thought my first love would last forever. It never occurred to me that it’s arduous for individuals to evolve at the same rate together, and almost impossible when you’re a teenager. Despite this, we attempted to overrule natural change with pinky promises and devoted love letters. This theme of unending love is demonstrated through the skeleton of an expired lover. It was pivotal for this project to be authentic, since this is my personal experience and it still conjures up a wave of emotions when I hear my first love’s name or a distant association to them. In order to create a pure collection of photographs, I wanted to reflect exactly what we did together, from having picnics in cemeteries to jumping freight trains and reading poetry in the Truckee River. I still love them, it’s just lost all of it’s importance and form. So, I suppose I adore them in another way because they have become something akin to myth. That’s why I chose to represent them through a human skeleton to show how love feels perpetual when you’re a teenager.


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