Everyone is Getting Married, While I’m Being Bitter in a Corner

We’ve all scrolled past the e-cards and repeated statuses of “Everyone is getting married and having babies and I’m just over here __________”. Being a bitter soul is what you’re doing. There’s a few reasons why this “poor me” infamous cry for attention needs to go.

First off, I’d like to assume that every Instagram selfie couple is living life happily ever after even after picking the best filter but that may not be the case. it’s healthy to may feel a pinch of, “I wish I had that,” but you don’t even know the behind the scenes of what that is. Instead of glorifying a relationship or being jealous of what others have, reconsider that the grass may not always be greener or even green at all. We all know couples that smile for the cameras but have more issues than Vogue off camera. The only world you know the ins and outs of is your own, so that should be the only one you worry about. Instead of putting a drop of negative towards this couple, let the positive energy you have overflow with your own personal goals. Remember the saying, “you gotta love yourself before you can love someone else“!

On the other side, if the happy couple have found their soul mates, why be the Negative Nancy posting a mocking subliminal message toward them? Perhaps both parties have gone through the horrible drawing board of finding a suitable partner and have now finally hit the jackpot. So why the hate? Congratulate! Like literally congratulate them and be happy that two people are getting married because chances are they went through first dates from hell like you as well. If you have ever been in a relationship, especially a long-term one, you know that it can almost feel like a side job. To have a healthy relationship, it takes work and more work. We may use the term “I’m so lucky to have found him/her” but luck isn’t all of it. If two people have loved each other throughout the many obstacles and decided to settle down when the modern dating world is proving to do the exact opposite then this pair deserves the utmost respect, not an insult.


The baby part of the overused phrase is actually insulting young parents. Young parents already have enough worries without their fellow social media friend taking a low blow against them with their own kid. Your time will eventually come for kids, and if you’re not interested in furthering your legacy, then who cares that your internet peer has a baby? There’s an unfollow button for a reason.

Lastly, if you’re in your twenties, I hate to break it to you, but that is when people get married and children. When did your parents have you? When did your grandparents have their children? I’m going to take a stab and say it was in their twenties as well. The older you are at having children, the higher the risk you take at having a child with complications, which is why most try to get settled early in life to avoid those concerns.

In sum, you’re just attracting negative attention from posting a bash remark on couples and young Mom and Dads. Enjoy your own life and once you do there’s no reason to comment on anyone else’s.

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