Girls Who Rock


We all know about the mainstream female artists and bands who have created a more welcoming environment in pop and mainstream music for women and feminists: Lorde, Nicki Minaj, Charlie XCX, Mariana and the Diamonds, and—of course—Beyoncé. While some of these may be deemed controversial at times, they still offer a more welcoming environment for women in a hyper-sexualized, patriarchal industry. However, it’s time we shift our attention to some lesser-known women in the music industry who rock and inspire us. This playlist features feminist-friendly indie female artists and bands who are worth listening to.

2 thoughts

  1. i don’t understand how beyonce and nicki minaj aren’t hypersexualized though? also, are we still just going off of depictions of women in rap videos when we say that the industry is “hypersexualized and patriarchal”? are there any female pop artists right now who you really couldn’t say are “owning” their sexuality?

    1. In my personal opinion, I think the difference between Nicki Minaj and say… Ariana Grande is that Nicki is the one who calls the shots and uses her sexuality as a form of expression and is in control of her image. In Anaconda, she has this hyper-sexualized music video that is different because she’s not doing it to attract men; she’s simply expressing herself. There’s no men in the video up until the part when she gives Drake a lap dance, and then when he is about to touch her, she pushes away and leaves. So even if she is using her sexuality, she’s using it in a different way that’s not supposed to benefit our patriarchal society and be men’s jerk off material.

      Yes, as you said, there’s female artists who own up to their sexuality and use it in a positive way but then we also have the early 2000s Britney Spears-type of artists who are simply selling a fantasy.

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