Explore With Arizona’s Lady Traveler

I’ll be honest, it’s hard sometimes to not fall into the Arizona blues and start believing the only things my home state is good for is the heat and cacti. My friend, Corie Cisco, is Arizona’s enthusiast…exploring frequently and finding little treasures wherever she goes.  I am always reassured of the beauty of this place whenever I look through Corie’s Instagram (@coriecisco) and only become inspired to follow her footsteps. Here is a interview I did with her giving you the inside on her explorations. If you’re looking for a vacation spot, AZ should be next on your list, these places will take your breath away.

1.) Where are some of the beautiful places in Arizona that you’ve visited?

From my experience, I think Arizona has some of the most unique landscapes. One minute you are immersed within a surrealist desert and the next you can be surrounded by wonderful pine trees. I usually trek to four main cities within Arizona: Prescott, Jerome, Sedona and Flagstaff. I think they each give a different feel and contain some very alluring spots. Jerome is a little gem. Watson Lake and Granite Mountain in Prescott are a must see! The vortexes and the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona are very peaceful. The drive on the 89A between Sedona and Flagstaff is gorgeous, so that is always a highlight on my journey. Flagstaff contains so many wonderful trails that you can almost pull off anywhere amidst the forest and explore. That is typically how I adventure.

2.) What has been your favorite spot?

Recently, I stopped in Page, Arizona on my way to the Zion National Park. I must say that Antelope Canyon has to be the coolest and most breath-taking canyon I have ever seen (other than the Grand Canyon, of course). You must pay for a guided tour due to past vandalism, but it is so worth it. Our guide played a traditional Native American flute as we squeezed through the crevices. As I was looking at the orange hues, the flute echoed through the enclosure; I couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere. It is definitely something to check out.

3.) What are the essentials to bring along with you?

I don’t bring much with me, but I always have my backpack that is filled with water, a novel and my journal. I find it very relaxing to read a bit amidst new surroundings; I also must record my travels which is where the journal comes into play.

4.) Who do you usually travel with?

I travel with whoever will join me. If anyone ever wants to go somewhere, lets do it! Hop in my jeep and we will cruise to some tunes.

5.) Any tips on adventuring?

The only tip I have is think about what kind of adventure you desire. If you are looking for a unplanned and spontaneous journey, then more power to you. Some of the best times I have had stemmed from an unpremeditated exploration. If you are wanting to go somewhere specific that requires materials, then make sure you plan accordingly. There is nothing worse than a day put off by a lack of information. Otherwise, adventure away!

(Photos taken by Corie Cisco and her travel buds)




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