Out, And Proud, And Loud

I recently discovered LinkedIn (a little late I know, but bear with me) and it took me far too long to decide if I was going to link these articles to my profile. Somewhere in my head, despite all I say and promote, I still believe that others will devalue me for my views and most likely not wish to employ me because I am happy to talk about the dirty side of humanity we wish did not exist.

I’m really ashamed to even write this, because I love writing for Bitchtopia. But here’s the thing, it’s one thing to write under a pseudonym and only let those close to me know who I am, it is another to announce myself to the entire internet. So here goes.

My name is Jessica Hannah Smith (recently BA Hons!) and I would not call myself a Feminist. I don’t like that word; 1) because others have dirtied it, and 2) because it seems rather outdated. That is not to say that the beliefs held by previous Feminists before my generation are not still valuable, but to admit that we seem to argue for more than just women these days. We’re Equalitists, surely? Besides, to call myself a Feminist might be slightly limiting. I don’t just want Women’s Rights, I want Equal Rights; there are more vulnerabilities we should be arguing than simply women’s.

But I didn’t want to tell you what I don’t believe in, I wanted to tell you what I do believe in.

I believe in a world where Feminism would be truly pointless. I believe in a world where women feel safe to walk home down a dark street on their way home at night. I believe in a world where my friend is able to walk home in broad daylight without being groped by a passing cyclist. I believe in a world where we teach our children, our parents and our grandparents what consent truly means, so no one is discriminated against for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe in eradicating all of our “misunderstandings”.

I believe in a world where love is love: where we appreciate that everyone deserves happiness and companionship with whom they choose. I believe in a world where same-sex couples can not only marry, but can also adopt easily, and be granted all of the same rights ones born heterosexually are. I believe in a world where we are compassionate enough to find the new language required for transgender individuals to fit comfortably into our out-dated gender-structured ideals.

I believe in a world where hate crimes are punished more thoroughly for what they are. I believe in a world where we discourage such beliefs more thoroughly; where we lead by example and put in place stronger laws to keep our peace. I believe in a world created by humanists, where we support each other and help each other out, instead of ruling with jealousy and knocking people back through envy.

I know these worlds may exist slightly more in my head right now than in reality, but I do believe there are pockets of this world that would align with my beliefs. I also believe in my fellow contributors and the arguments and discussions they raise to make us all that little more aware of what’s going on in the world outside our own dreams.

And all of this is why I added my Bitchtopia articles to my LinkedIn account. I’m proud of what we promote on this site, and I’m proud of the conversations we begin across the globe.

Want to be “Out and Proud” too? Why don’t you join us? We’re always looking for extra contributors. Just email us at Btopia.Mag@gmail.com to find out more!




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