An Interview With The Coathangers

Back in April, I bought tickets to see The Black Lips, unaware of the great surprise that was going to come along with it. Three ladies with black hair and matching white denim jackets strutted onto the stage and began making alien-like noises into the mic for sound check.  When the lights went down and the drums started beating, The Coathangers were completely killin’ it up there. The crowd couldn’t handle all of the exuding badass-ness, some kids even rocked out on stage with them—that is until the security guards dragged them off. The vibes that night were very powerful and fierce. Julia, Stephanie, and Meredith make a hard sound together with a heavy focus on the quick beat of the drums and vibrating bass. The three unique voices repeating “SHUT UP” together exhibits their total in-your-face attitude and fiery sound in most of their songs. Something about their music makes me want to smash colorful homes with a huge hammer while wearing leopard print heels. Here is an interview I recently did with them, they have began their tour, so make sure to listen to their tunes and buy your tickets immediately.

Taken by Ryan Russell


What are each of your roles in The Coathangers? 

Julia (crook kid): guitar and vox

Stephanie (rusty): drums and vox

Meredith (minnie): bass and vox
—but we do switch it up sometimes.


Have any all-girl bands inspired you ladies? If so, which ones?
All girls in bands have inspired us. and all guys in good bands have inspired us too. We don’t discriminate when it comes to that.
Do you identify yourself as feminists? 
Yes. We think that all people should have equal political, social, and economic rights and freedoms.
What advice do you have to the girls out there who want to be in badass bands but don’t have instrumental experience?
Fake it till you make it! That’s been our motto from the very start. If you are compelled to create than nothing can stop you…not even a lack of skill. Often lack of formal training breeds rule breaking creativity!
You guys are getting ready for another tour! What can your future show-goers be expecting? 

An energetic, fun, genuine show! We like playing hard and having a good time.

Do you have a favorite song you like to play live on your new album “Suck My Shirt”?

I like to play “Shut up” because I get behind the drums on that one. “Follow me” is a fun one too,though!

I saw your set with The Black Lips and was thrilled to see the reaction from the crowd. What’s it like causing a roar out of a majority of a male audience? 

We have played and toured with a lot of bands that have a mostly male following. It’s really no different than a more mixed crowd. Except maybe for the element of surprise, but that often happens no matter what. People usually have no idea what’s about to happen when we get up on stage. They often expect some doowop harmonies… SURPRISE!

Do any of you have any crazy past tour stories to share?

Tour is crazy. Hard to remember sometimes. There have been fights and near arrests and near show misses and lots of parties… and yeah tour is crazy!

Bonus Questions:

Who are you all listening to these days?

Now kinda stuck on this new band from Atlanta called Black Linen. Also, this Israeli artist named Asaf Avidan. Always listening and loving Zoners, Growlers, and Hellshovel.

Favorite movies?
Transylvania. Anchorman.Zoolander. Kung Foo Hustle. Wild at Heart.

If you could be part of a dinner party with five people–anyone dead or alive—who would it be? 

Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Hasil Adkins, Bianca Jagger

probably wouldn’t be dinner but it would be a hell of a party!


(featured image mixed with Dale Frank’s work)

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