The Stolen Sisters

“No one knows exactly how many Indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing in Canada over the past three decades… However, we do know with certainty that the marginalization of Indigenous women in Canadian society has led to an extremely high risk of violence. According to a 1996 Canadian government statistic, Indigenous women between the ages of 25 and 44 with status under the federal Indian Act are five times more likely than other women of the same age to die as the result of violence.”

–Amnesty International


“I was gonna do one more, make it an even 50. That’s why I was sloppy, I wanted one more. Make… make the big five-O.”

-Robert Pickton, Canadian serial killer, after confessing to the murders of forty-nine women, some of whom were Indigenous

the stolen sisters

they refuse to look
for native sex workers. they
are irrelevant.

she wanted to teach.
who knew you could be murdered
for walking while brown?

after killing her,
you went straight to the tavern
for pizza and beer.

Tsay Keh Dene, “of
the mountains.” her body found
dumped with the garbage.

you chopped them up and
fed them to your pigs like slop.
the rest stayed in your

freezer. prostitutes
you claimed to have looked
better with the lights


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